Jennifer Coolidge’s Brush With Cocaine Death

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Sassy White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge was nearly snowed under by cocaine in the ’80s!

The 60-year-old funnylady was recently tapped to return for the second season of the hit HBO series and is slated to appear in upcoming movies alongside stars like Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler and Josh Duhamel. But the pillow-lipped performer admits she almost derailed her Hollywood dreams — and her life!

The Best in Show actress frankly confesses she got hooked on blow while prowling New York City’s party scene and recalls, “I was going nowhere fast. I was born low-energy, and so there was this drug that was invented for people like me. It made me very alive, you know? Unfortunately, it’s a terrible drug.”

The snorting screwup wound up in emergency rooms more than once and only ditched her addiction after checking into a rehab facility in Minnesota when she was 27.

After that, she started notching small parts in TV shows such as Seinfeld and Friends, and the scene-stealer eventually scored her breakout role as Stifler’s Mom in 1999’s American Pie.

Since then, Jennifer’s become a comedy staple on the big and small screens.

“America loves her,” a source spills. “Thank God she defeated her inner demons!”