Image-conscious Jennifer Aniston has ripped BFF Chelsea Handler for the nude pics she’s recently posted online!

“Jen’s worried that Chelsea’s turning into a Kardashian!” a close friend of the A-list ladies exclusively told The National ENQUIRER, adding,  “She’s worried Chelsea’s cheapening herself with her sleazy selfies.”

Now on her best behavior in hopes of earning her first-ever Oscar nod for the movie, “Cake,” Jen’s terrified Chelsea’s antics will reflect badly on her.

“But Chelsea loves flashing her body for a few laughs, and she’s become obsessed with challenging Instagram’s ‘no nipples’ policy.”

The former host of TV’s “Chelsea Lately” has been on a campaign against the social media network’s efforts to censor nudity, and she’s using her own body to make the point.

“Chelsea’s become a bit of a joke – and not in a good way,” added the insider. “She’s determined to stay relevant, but nobody really cares about the message.”

Now Chelsea’s insistence on being outrageous is testing her bond with Jen, who’d hoped to write a big-screen comedy with her, said the source. “Jen really wanted to work with Chelsea, but her recent actions have made her tarnished goods.”

Adding to Chelsea’s woes, she’s finding it tough to remain relevant without the platform of her late-night show, said the source.

“Chelsea misses having an outlet for her opinions,” the source added. “The smell of desperation surrounds her, and that’s not something Jen wants in her professional or personal life.”