Jen Aniston Betrayed Best Pal Courteney Cox!

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Jennifer Aniston heartlessly betrayed Courteney Cox during her best pal’s time of greatest need!

The 46-year-old “Cake” beauty and her hubby, Justin Theroux, incensed Courteney by siding with rocker Johnny McDaid after he dumped the “Cougar Town” actress, sources said.

And in a stunning double whammy, Jennifer and Justin, both 44, told Courteney she only has herself to blame for the breakup by attempting to turn the 39-year-old hunk into a Hollywood trophy husband, said insiders.

“Courteney is beside herself and can’t believe Jen would betray her in such a humiliating fashion,” an insider revealed.

But when Courteney called Jen she got the shock of her life instead of a shoulder to cry on.

Things got pretty heated between the two women, and some pretty harsh things were said on both sides.

“Courteney outright accused Jen of betraying her. She said there was no way she’d have anything to do with Justin if Jen and he were to break up.

“But Jen turned around and accused Courteney of acting like a high school brat. She said it wasn’t Johnny’s fault the relationship had disintegrated, and that she felt insulted that Courteney would try to dictate to her and Justin.

“Things got nasty and Courteney let Jen have it with both barrels, giving her an ultimatum: Either she and Justin cut ties with Johnny, or their friendship is over.

“Jen snapped back and told Courteney she wouldn’t have lost Johnny if she had paid him more attention instead of being so driven by the spotlight the whole time, and her obsession with plastic surgery was another factor that surely drove him away.

“That’s when Courteney broke down and sobbed about how betrayed she feels.”

Cox, 51, and the Snow Patrol rocker were due to marry around the New Year — but Johnny pulled the plug on their nuptials in late November.

“The fact he’s stayed on such good terms with Justin and Jen is great for him,” said the insider, “but it’s such a dagger in the heart for Courteney on an emotional level.”