It’s career first for JENNIFER ANISTON – who’s putting her wedding and baby plans on hold, sources told The ENQUIRER. 

Even though Academy Award voters snubbed her acclaimed role in “Cake,” Jen is “powering forward on work projects,” a pal said.

And that’s not sitting well with Justin Theroux, the actress’ fiancé.

“Jen was heartbroken at being passed over this awards season, but just getting nominated set a fire under her,” said an insider.

“Now she wants to fully focus on work. So Jen told Justin she can’t be distracted by wedding planning and trying to get pregnant.

“She’s determined to follow the lead of her good friend, Reese Witherspoon.”

Reese earned an Oscar nod for her role in “Wild.”

Spurred by Reese’s success, Jen announced she plans to direct a full-length feature film. “Jen broke the news to Justin in mid-January.

She told him that she wants to shelve their marriage and baby plans until at least 2016,” said the source.

“Justin feels duped. He’s furious because Jen pestered him all of last year to marry her. Now she’s the one dragging her feet!”