Jeb Bush’s Girl Caught Loafing On The Job

Jeb Bush White House, Noelle Bush

After multimillionaire White House hopeful Jeb Bush told Americans they “need to work longer hours,” his troubled daughter, Noelle, has been caught by The National ENQUIRER loafing on the job!

Exclusive photos obtained by The ENQUIRER show the 38-year-old taking three smoke breaks in just five hours!

The Sept. 9 pictures were shot outside the Orlando, Fla., offices of Empower Software Solutions, where her duties are listed as answering phones and office support and management.

“Noelle, a former druggie, appears overweight and dowdily dressed. I saw her slumped on the back steps puffing on one Marlboro cigarette — one after another,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.

In 2002 The ENQUIRER revealed that Noelle was busted for prescription fraud, sent to rehab and then served two separate stints in jail.

A Florida political insider told The ENQUIRER Noelle’s current job was arranged with the help of Empower Software founder Seth Bernstein, a longtime Jeb supporter who is raising money for his presidential bid.

“The job was a favor to Jeb. She doesn’t really have to do much work. She spends quite a bit of the day outside, chain-smokin’,” said the insider.

“Jeb is big on campaigning on family values, but Noelle is one of his weak spots. When she was a teenager, his marriage nearly fell apart. He was rumored to be off womanizing and (his wife) Columba was spending a lot of her time shopping,” noted the insider. “You might ask, who was at home raising the kids?”