Janet Jackson Billion Dollar Divorce: Ready To Pull Plug on Hubby #3?

JANET JACKSON’s marriage to super-wealthy Arab businessman Wissam Al Mana has collapsed, and a source says a bitter divorce battle over his billion-dollar fortune could be about to explode.

The couple has been married for just over one year, but Janet – who’s already a two-time divorcee – is said to be ready to pull the plug on the union. She’s put their New York City home on the rental market, taken off her wedding ring and is weeping on friends’ shoulders.

“Janet is ready to throw in the towel,” disclosed an insider. “She’s realized she made a colossal mistake in marrying Wissam. Janet gave up her career to be a dutiful wife – and she even took up Islam for him.”

But Wissam, 39, who comes from the Middle Eastern state of Qatar, hasn’t made any sacrifices for his 47-year-old wife, according to the insider, who adds: “He travels constantly for work, and Janet wonders if he’s been tempted to stray.”

Janet has taken the Trump Plaza condo she and Wissam have as their New York base and put it up for rent at a staggering $35,000 per month.

“Janet feels like a prisoner,” said the insider. “Wissam doesn’t want her working or making public appearances.

“She’s confided to a few close friends and (her mother) Katherine that she’s preparing to leave him. And she’s been calling friends at all hours, crying and saying how miserable she is.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Wissam had demanded Janet sign a prenup. She wanted a guaranteed $500 million if the marriage failed before two years, but Wissam held out and said he wouldn’t pay her a dime unless it lasted at least five years.

Now sources say Janet is getting set to challenge the prenup and demand a fat lump sum payout from his fortune.

“Her argument is that she gave up millions in earnings for her husband,” explained the insider.

During her long career, Janet has amassed a fortune of her own, but the source disclosed: “Janet isn’t going to give Wissam a dime of her hard-earned cash. However, she’s going to fight tooth and nail for a chunk of his!”