Royal Cad James Hewitt Peddling Princess Diana Love Letters


James Hewitt — the former cavalry officer who became famous as Princess Di’s secret lover — is now selling their private love letters!

To add to the betrayal, the cad is also tossing in thank-you notes written by a young Prince William!

Gary Zimet, a memorabilia dealer in Los Angeles who claims to be representing, said: “From the start, I was told secrecy and privacy was paramount. That no one must know James was behind the sale of these letters!”

James became notorious as the princess’ lover as her royal marriage to Prince Charles ended in the ’80s, with the two beginning a relationship in 1987 — by the time that Charles had already returned to old love Camilla Parker Bowles.

Di never fully trusted James, though, and was proven right when he served as a source for the tell-all book “Princess in Love” in 1994.

That betrayal made James — who had already been effectively banned from the military — into one of England’s most hated men.

In 1993, the relentless self-promoter claimed that he had been offered $10 million for his collection of love letters from his five-year affair with Princess Di.

Princess Diana would later admit to the affair, once telling interviewer Martin Bashir: “Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him — but I was very let down.”

Since his brief brush with fame, James has fallen on hard times. He lives with his mother, and was arrested with CNN journalist Alison Bell for cocaine possession in 2004.

His countrymen have never forgiven James for being the only one of Di’s former lovers to attempt to make a profit from their time together.

“It’s his property and he can do what he likes with it,” said James’ pal Jon Conway — who produced a play that claimed James’ relationship with Di began a year earlier than ever claimed, spurring on gossip that James is Prince Harry’s real father!

“There is an establishment effort to make sure James is kept ‘out,’” Conway added.

“Anything he says or does is going to be reported negatively!”