Is James Franco Crushing On Shia LaBeouf?!


Mondo bizarro “art for art’s sake” bromance heats up as enfant terrible JAMES FRANCO defends kooky SHIA’s “performance art”. Acting? Thank YOU!

After LaBeouf was charged with stealing from “Ghost World’” creator Daniel Clowes’s graphic novel, LeBeouf embarked on a series of seeming whack-a-doo stunts – Tweeting famous mea culpas of the past, skywriting boo-hoos, wearing a paper bag on his head at the “Nymphomaniac” preem and finally a fatuous performance art piece in El Lay #IAmSorry.

Now, Franco no stranger to multi-purpose Renaissance man multitasking himself, has written a piece in the New York Times Op-Ed defending his acting homie.  

Franco noted that Shia’s behavior is not that far removed from his own – be it a guest starring stint in General Hospital or his much ballyhooed attempts to be anything other than an actor, Franco expressed his own dissatisfaction at being a mere cog in the motion picture publicity machinery.

And one that has to perform lines written by others – no less.

Now, Franco writes, “As an actor and artist I’m inclined to take an empathetic view of his conduct. This behavior could be the sign of many things from a nervous breakdown to mere youthful recklessness.

“I hope it is nothing serious.”

Hint to Franco  – it isn’t.  

“Indeed I hope – and, yes, I know that this idea has pretentious or just plain ridiculous overtones,” he writes.

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