James Bond’s Naked Brother!


Daniel Craig’s little half brother Harry shares the James Bond star’s love of the camera – but that’s where the similarities between them end!

While Daniel, 46, will rake in a whopping $50 million for his next two Bond flicks, Harry, 23, still lives at home with their dad, Tim, and earns $30 an hour posing for bizarre photos.

Harry has made quite a name for himself in the “alternative” modeling world – posing with lipstick, eyeliner, piercings and other jewelry for fetish publications.

With a Marilyn Manson scowl and heavy makeup, Harry is a gothic fetishist’s dream date!

Outfitted in leather, chains and studs, Harry said: “When it comes to horror, i prefer to do stuff that will freak people out and ‘chill them to the bone,’ so to speak, as opposed to gore. I am, however, not opposed to gore shoots as long as it’s a good concept.”

In one of hIs photo shoots, Harry appears in the buff – except for a bowler hat and lots of eye shadow – puffing on a cigar while straddling a chair backward.

Other photos show him strangling a female model while wearing a rubber mask, “flipping the bird” at the camera, and being tortured by a lingerie-clad, masked woman with tattered fishnet stockings.

At 6-foot-3, he is four inches taller than his famous half sibling. But he has a leaner build, weighing 162 compared to Daniel’s 171.

“I look like a tramp,” admitted Harry, who also works as a bartender. “You wouldn’t think I’m a model by the looks of it. I’ve got people spread out across the world who like my work. It’s pretty cool.”

Harry also has a strange hobby – collecting gas masks – which perplexes his loved ones.

“I love my gas masks,” he said, “and I will rarely turn down a shoot involving them. My parents think I’m a freak, my brother thinks I’m a weirdo, but i love them.”