Jaimie Alexander Refuses To Turn A ‘Blind’ Eye To Peter Facinelli’s Wandering Ways

Jaimie alexander short

Jaimie Alexander — star of “Blindspot” — is keeping her eyes open! The sexy star has told pals she’s worried about the cheating rumors that dogged her fiancé, Peter Facinelli, during his marriage to Jennie Garth — and she’s anxious becoming stepmom to his three girls!

Jaimie, breakout star of the new NBC hit, and “Twilight” hunk Peter got engaged in March, and although she’s thrilled to marry him, she’s also concerned about him staying faithful!

“Peter and Jennie both denied he had cheated on her, but this would be Jaimie’s first marriage, and like any woman, she wants to go into it with eyes wide open,” said a source, who added, “He’s sworn up and down to her that the rumors are just that — rumors. She’s in love with him and wants to believe him, but there’s a little tickle of doubt in the back of her brain.”

Peter, 42, and “Beverly Hills 90210” sweetheart Jennie were married for 12 years before a 2013 divorce when reports surfaced he had cheated while filming the “Twilight” saga in 2009.

“He wants to be there for the kids, and he wants them to feel comfortable with Jaimie,” a source said. “Jaimie is doing her best to get comfortable with them as well, but she still has concerns over her ability to play mom, and the cheating rumors that have dogged Peter!”