Jaclyn Smith is no Angel to Deidre Hall!

Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith

Soap queen Deidre Hall has had it with real-life double Jaclyn Smith because fans keep mistaking her for the original Charlie’s Angels beauty — who gets a wicked kick out of the mix-up.

Hall has played Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives for 46 years and should be recognizable on her own — yet she can’t go to the supermarket without fans whispering, “It’s Jaclyn Smith!” says a source.

Deidre’s soap character “had an evil twin, but it’s her real-life look-alike that’s become annoying,” dishes the insider.

Jaclyn, 76, only starred as crime-busting Angel Kelly Garrett from 1976 to 1981, and while she’s been busy acting ever since, she hasn’t been as visible as Deidre, 74, who’s on a daily soap.

“Yet people recognize Jaclyn for who she is!” spills the insider.

The mix-up rankles Deidre to no end, tattles the spy.

“Deidre has been queen bee on Days for decades and doesn’t like anyone stealing her thunder,” notes the insider. “But everywhere she goes people mistake her for Jaclyn.”

The identity screw-up has actually gotten worse ever since formerly brunette Jaclyn went blonder.

After a fan posted photos of them side by side on social media and noted the similarities, ticked-off Deidre tweeted: “Ugh! We’re CONSTANTLY confused with each other!”

Ironically, the stars are actually similar.

“They’re both perfectionists who would never leave the house without full makeup, styled hair and an A-lister outfit,” says the insider. “They’re serious about their image and maintain their looks with the occasional facelift or filler.”

“People wonder if they were separated at birth! Jaclyn doesn’t mind pushing Deidre’s buttons because she thinks the woman is stuck up!”