THE secrets that MICHAEL JACKSON took to his grave about the paternity of his three children could now explode in court!

In a bid to keep those secrets, the late super­star’s mother Katherine pleaded with a judge to disregard the identity of his children’s biological parents during the $40 billion wrongful death suit she’s filed against con­cert promoter AEG Live.

The judge agreed to keep the paternity of Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 11, out of court. But sources say the informa­tion may yet become public during the upcoming trial, which could drag on for months.

“KATHERINE HAS CLEARLY BEEN told by her attorneys that AEG wants to explore the rumors about the children’s paternity to create doubt about whether they are his true ben­eficiaries,” a Jackson family insider told The ENQUIRER. “Now she’s doing everything possible to prevent the children – and the public – from learning how these kids actually came into the world.”

Katherine’s lawsuit demands that AEG Live pay Michael’s heirs, in­cluding his children, a whopping $40 billion in damages related to their hiring and supervising of Dr. Conrad Murray, who’s been con­victed of involuntary manslaughter in Michael’s drug-related death on June 25, 2009. And the 82-year-old family matriarch took a dramatic turn toward winning the case on March 14, when her lawyers filed a bombshell legal motion in Los An­geles Superior Court, arguing that “evidence intended to show that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of his children is irrelevant” to the suit. The motion also said: “Evidence intended to show who the biological mother is of the children is also irrelevant” to the case.

While the judge agreed with Kather­ine’s argument, sources say her legal victory may be short-lived. According to a published report, sources within AEG claim the company has sworn affidavits, birth records and other ma­terial containing “irrefutable proof ” that only Blanket has Michael’s DNA, and Prince and Paris were fathered by different sperm donors.

The acknowledged mother of Prince and Paris is former medical assistant Debbie Rowe, who was married to Michael from 1996 to 1999.

But as The ENQUIRER reported in July 2009, widespread reports alleged Debbie’s boss, Michael’s dermatolo­gist Dr. Arnold Klein, fathered Prince and Paris, which Klein has denied. Other sources claimed the two were the result of an anonymous donor.

“If AEG presents irrefutable proof that the two oldest children are not Michael Jackson’s biological children, they could actually get the upper hand in the case,” celebrity attorney Raoul Felder told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s sad, but it would mean the chil­dren have no legal standing.”

Meanwhile, Katherine fears Blanket could inherit some of Michael’s health problems, including the skin condi­tion vitiligo and the autoimmune disease lupus, said the source.

“Right now, she’s watching all three kids closely and desperately trying to stop AEG from ruining their lives,” said the family insider. “The last thing Katherine wants is for family secrets to be blurted out in court.”