Michael Jackson‘s ex-wife Debbie Rowe drank up to a half case of beer in a day, and she’s not fit to be a mother to their two children, claims a one-time close friend.

The friend stepped forward to make shocking allegations of Debbie’s secret life in an exclusive tell-all interview with The ENQUIRER.

Luka Cambio
says that the 50-year-old former medical assistant is a boozer with a violent temper who should never be a part of the lives of her son Prince Michael, now 12, and daughter Paris, 11.

"Debbie drank Coronas all day, and she told me many times, ‘I hate kids! I prefer dogs!’" Cambio told The ENQUIRER.

"One day she took all the photographs of Michael and their children off the walls of her house. Now the pictures on the walls are of her dogs. She often said her dogs were her children."

While Debbie’s lawyers say she hasn’t decided whether she wants to fight for custody of Prince Michael and Paris, Cambio says he feels so strongly that she mustn’t get custody that he’s contacted lawyers for Jackson’s estate and offered to testify against Debbie if she wages a custody battle.

"Debbie never spoke ill of her children, but she often said, ‘I******* hate kids!’" revealed Cambio, 32.

He met Debbie when she walked into an aquarium store in North Hollywood where he worked in 2002.

"I had no idea who she was," Cambio – who passed a polygraph exam about his claims – told The ENQUIRER.

"She had a number of tanks with exotic fish, and she bought fish, coral and food. Over the months, she befriended me and said she wanted me to come out to her place and service her tanks."

Debbie had four 12- to 40-gallon tanks in her bedroom, kitchen and dining areas in her Palmdale, Calif., home at the time, he said.

"We became friends. And I saw a lot."

Cambio also said Rowe offered to help his musical career. He’s a rhythm-and-blues singer, composer and producer using the stage name LuQa. “She told me she had the connections and would help me. But she never did anything unless it was for herself. She’s an utterly self-absorbed, selfish woman. It’s all about her. And that would make her a very bad mother, too.”

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