The Jack Nicholson-Al Pacino Feud Rages On!

Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino

Movie legends Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino can’t handle the truth — their 40-year war over roles has close friends throwing up their hands in disgust!

The Oscar-winning stars just won’t “let it go,” even though their original falling-out occurred in the ’70s!

“They refuse to patch things up, despite the efforts of mutual pals Warren Beatty and Martin Scorsese,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

The never-ending nastiness boiled over again with Jack’s appearance on the 40th anniversary primetime special of “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year.

“Jack agreed to be on the prime-time special — but there was a condition that Al would NOT be invited,” revealed the source.

“Jack still resents Al after all these years. It’s really sad that these old guys can’t be in the same room together.”

According to industry sources, the rivalry started when the two rising stars were competing for the same roles.

“Jack was initially offered the part of Michael Corleone in ‘The Godfather’ and stupidly turned it down to do ‘The King of Marvin Gardens,’ which flopped,” said another source.

“No one, not even Jack, could have predicted how huge ‘The Godfather’ franchise would become and how crucial the role would be … Jack always felt that Al had an easy ride, thanks to (Jack’s) decision not to take the part.

“But Jack’s still upset that Al’s never thanked him, or recognized that fact!

“It’s an unwritten Hollywood rule to acknowledge a fellow actor for an opportunity,” continued the source.

“For instance, Angelina Jolie has always been grateful to Nicole Kidman for turning down ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’

“Jack later got his ‘Godfather’ revenge, taking the starring role in ‘Prizzi’s Honor,’ a part Al wanted, and getting an Oscar nomination for it.”

But there seems to be no end in sight for the long and bitter cold war between the big-screen legends, disclosed the source.

“Some major players have wound up caught in the middle of this star war,” the source added. “They’ve tried to broker peace, but sadly, this old grudge looks like it will be going to the grave.”