As the ENQUIRER revealed exclusively, disgraced two time Presidential loser John Edwards made a sex tape with mistress Rielle Hunter, according to ex-loyalist Andrew Young.

Young claims that he found the videotape in July 2008 while rummaging through a pile of garbage at a Raleigh, NC house that Hunter lived in while pretending to be involved with Young who had claimed paternity of Edwards’ love child.

"It’s a sex tape of Rielle and John Edwards made just a couple of months before the Iowa caucuses," Young told ABC.

"It’s definitely him… but you see — you clearly see his face for a long time.

"And I can’t speak for the other body parts, but it’s definitely his face."

Young said he cannot identify Hunter by her face in the tape, but the woman  was "visibly pregnant," "wearing a bracelet" and "thumb ring," all typically worn by Hunter, a videographer who "worked" on the Edwards campaign.