The BIG secret is out of the bag as mainstream media trumpets the historic news that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has been accepted into the Pulitzer Prize competition for its exhaustive investigation of the John Edwards Conspiracy and Cover-Up.

The scoop was broken by Emily Miller at Huffington Post as rumors of our acceptance into the competition by the prestigious journalism committee ignited the blogosphere.

"The Pulitzer Prize Board has officially accepted The National Enquirer’s submissions for breaking the John Edwards scandal, according to sources close to the Board. In a historic move, the Pulitzer Board conceded that the self-proclaimed tabloid is qualified to compete with mainstream news outlets for journalism’s most prestigious prize.

"The Enquirer is in the running for the Pulitzer in two categories: "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting" for The National Enquirer staff," Ms. Miller announced exclusively at HuffPo.

Quickly The New York Times – for many THE Paper of record – made it even more official with their elegant headline: "Enquirer Is Eligible for Pulitzer". Writer Richard Perez-Pena analyzed the Pulitzer committee’s turn-around in accepting the ENQUIRER entry after initially dismissing the very notion.  

The Times reported: Sig Gissler, administrator of the prizes, says he and his colleagues never publicly discuss the eligibility of any specific publication. "We apply our criteria, and if publications meet them, we allow them to participate."

But with a grassroots effort steamrolling the viral landscape,  analyzed the situation point by point in their historic article:  "There’s NO Good Reason the National Enquirer Shouldn’t Win a Pulitzer Prize"

And MediaBistro even has a poll (yes, you can vote in it) on whether or not the Pulitzer Committee should award The ENQUIRER investigation into John Edwards’ alleged abuse of campaign funds to fund a conspiracy of silence:

Ms.  Miller concluded in her Huffington Post exclusive: "The massive grassroots campaign by the public to push the Pulitzer Board to recognize the national importance of The Enquirer’s reporting of John Edwards shows the best of Americans’ core values – hard work, fairness and equality for all – even for tabloids."