HEIDI KLUM has been ordered to tone down her naked “selfie” shots on social media before she alienates any more fans!

The “America’s Got Talent” judge is facing a backlash from her followers on Twitter and Instagram after posting a barrage of near-nude photos. And insiders say those eye-popping pics may come back to haunt Heidi as Emmy season rolls around.

“Heidi’s up for an award for ‘Project Runway’ at this year’s Emmys and had hoped to be pre­senting one too, but she’s really made a fool of herself with her attention-seeking antics,” said a close pal. “Everyone’s been really embarrassed, and now her management team has given her strict orders to ‘cool it’ because she’s turning people off.”

One disgusted fan posted: “What’s with all these nudies from Heidi Klum? She’s getting worse than Kim Kardashian.”

Another blasted: “Grow up woman and start acting like a respectable mother…I’d be embarrassed if I was one of your children.”

In response to the uproar over her risqué photos, Heidi explained that exhibitionism “runs in (her) family” and that people who are offended should stop “following” her. But she’s also toned things down recently, even posting a photo of herself fully clothed cooking lamb chops.

With “Project Run­way” in its 12th season and her future with “America’s Got Talent” uncertain at this point, the source says Heidi wants to get another gig lined up soon – preferably a talk show like Tyra Banks.

“But that’s not going to happen if she keeps flaunting her body online,” added the pal. “No one likes a show-off.”