ALEX TREBEK’s family and friends are urging the dapper “Jeopardy!” host to retire after he accidentally gave away an answer during a taping of the popular game show!

The embarrassing mistake took place while filming the “Jeopardy! Teen Tournament” in Washington, D.C., in late April, when the normally unflappable host blurted out the correct response to a clue before any of the contestants could buzz in.

After realizing what he’d done, Alex exclaimed: “Oh!” and then stumbled his way through the next few minutes.

“He tried to make light of the situation,” noted a source close to the production. “But after the gaffe, he couldn’t get back on track.”

Eventually, producers had to stop taping while they figured out how to edit out the blunder.

“Alex appeared shaken by the incident,” the source continued. “He’s starting to question himself. And his loved ones are worried about him.”

According to the source, Alex’s “Jeopardy!” contract ends in 2014, but he’s now considering retiring even sooner. He’s been hosting the show since 1984.

The Ontario natve, 71, has faced some frightening health scares in the past few years. In 2004, he fell asleep behind the wheel of his pickup and crashed along a rural road in Templeton, Calif. And in December 2007, he suffered a heart attack.

Sources say he’s been talking about slowing down for a while, bizarrely citing his fondness for fixing lawn sprinklers.

“He wants to spend more time at his lake home on California’s central coast,” added the source.

“Alex likes the slower pace of life there.”