IRS Blows Lid Off Harry & Meghan Charity Scandal!

Harry and Meghan
Chris Jackson/PA Images/

Prince Harry and his fame-obsessed wife, Meghan, are embroiled in a new charity scandal after documents show they spent more in legal fees than they raised in donations!

Critics have blasted the royal renegades as shameful hucksters for their self-righteous posturing about their charity work since abandoning the royal family, moving to the U.S. and rebranding themselves as social justice warriors.

“They’ve had such grand ideas but never deliver — and now find themselves in the middle of yet another scandal, this one involving their charities,” charged a former fan. “They’re the ultimate hypocrites.”

According to filings with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex raised less than $50,000 for their much-ballyhooed charity, Archewell, in 2020 — but forked out more than $55,000 on attorneys. The fees, spent between June 2020 and June 2021, went to wrap up their year-old U.K. foundation after Queen Elizabeth banned them from using the name “Sussex Royal” for the organization.

“The launch of Archewell made world headlines,” a royal source told The National ENQUIRER. “Everyone expected money to pour in, but Harry and Meghan’s popularity plummeted after they accused the royal family of racism. People apparently didn’t buy into their high-and-mighty plan to save the world.”

“Even their A-list Hollywood friends backed away.”

The couple’s nonprofits have not only faced controversy, they were also investigated by a U.K. watchdog.

Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, launched Sussex Royal in July 2019 after breaking from their joint foundation with Prince William and Kate. But the next year, they folded that operation, sparking criticism by Britain’s Charity Commission for potentially wasting donors’ money.

None of the funds in Sussex Royal transferred to Archewell, which was incorporated in America in April 2020.

Instead, after paying legal fees, a grant of $287,000 went to Travalyst, Harry’s sustainable travel company!

Although Archewell is headquartered in California — where the Sussexes reside in a $14 million Montecito mansion — all their charities and companies are incorporated in Delaware. That state has been slammed by anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International for allowing “secrecy that enables shady companies and fraudsters to cover their tracks when shifting dirty money from place to place.”

“Archewell’s dismal income spotlights the backlash against the Sussexes,” dished the palace insider.

“Raising such a paltry sum while they signed deals worth over $100 million with Netflix, Spotify and others is humiliating.”

“Why didn’t they donate a couple million themselves to save face?

“The buzz is they’re such narcissists, they didn’t think of it!”