ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Inside Whitney Houston’s Drug Den

See all of the shocking photos and learn bizarre secrets from a family insider!

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Whitney Houston‘s tragic addiction to crack was exposed in a shocking scene — click here to see all the photos and learn the shocking secrets revealed by the family insider!

The National Enquirer‘s sensational exclusive photo showed the superstar singer’s private bathroom after she has locked herself away for days on yet another self-destructive binge. Amid the trash, leftover food and empty beer cans are the tools of the hardcore drug fiend — pipes, rolling papers, spoons in which powdered cocaine is cooked into crack, lighters. The picture was taken by one of Whitney’s closest friends and relatives — Tina Brown, sister of her husband Bobby.

It is the first time one of the serial Grammy-winner’s inner circle has opened the door on the despair and depravity that has led Whitney’s family to fear that she is just one fix away from a fatal overdose. Click here to see all the photos and read the shocking secrets of the doomed diva, as Whitney’s drug hell is exposed by family members!