OLYMPIC soccer champ HOPE SOLO just got hitched – but friends fear the marriage is already doomed because they worry her hus­band is an abusive brute!

A pal of the former “Danc­ing with the Stars” contestant told The ENQUIRER her new hubby Jerramy Stevens, a for­mer pro football player with a lengthy criminal record, could turn out to be a carbon copy of her derelict dad.

“Jerramy is bad news – just like her old man,” said the source. “But you can’t tell Hope that. She’s crazy in love with him. They’ve only been dating for two months and already they’re duking it out!”

The tumultous couple tied the knot near Seattle on Nov. 13. But incredibly, just hours before saying “I do,” Hope, 31, and Jerramy, 33, ap­peared in a Kirkland, Wash., court after Stevens was arrest­ed for fourth-degree domestic violence involving the gold medal-winning goalie at her home in the wee hours of Nov. 12. According to shock­ing court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, police were called to Hope’s $1.2 million hilltop house by her brother Marcus, who reported a massive brawl involving “eight intoxicated persons.” A stun gun had even been used during the fight!

Legal documents say Jerra­my and Hope had argued over whether to live in Washington or Florida after they tied the knot.

The arresting officer noted that “Hope had blood on her right elbow, which appeared to come from a laceration the size of a half-dollar.”

She would not explain how she received her injury, but authorities believe it could have been inflicted by Jer­ramy.

Incredibly, cops say he was found hiding in an upstairs bedroom. Stevens claimed he was sleeping, but he had dried blood on his shirt and left cheek.

Stevens – a washout tight end who mostly played for the Seattle Seahawks – was busted on a domestic assault charge. But he was released when a judge found no prob­able cause to hold him.

Still, local authorities told The ENQUIRER their investi­gation remains open and they could refile charges.

Meanwhile, Hope’s deeply concerned pal warned: “Jer­ramy is a bad dude who’s had problems with drinking, drugs and violence.

“He is the last person Hope should be with.”

In high school, the brawny athlete was charged with felo­ny assault for getting in a fight and stomping the victim’s head. Later, at the University of Washington, he was sen­tenced to 90 days in jail after crashing his car into a nursing home and fleeing the scene. In 2000 he was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. But Stevens wriggled off the hook in the latter case because prosecutors couldn’t prove the sex wasn’t consensual.

After college, he was nailed with a reckless driv­ing charge in 2003 and a DUI in 2007. His most re­cent arrest came in 2010 when he was busted for marijuana possession with intent to sell while playing for Tampa Bay.

“Hope seems to be repeat­ing her sad family history,” said the source.

Her father, Jeffrey Solo, was a philanderer and con man who was convicted of em­bezzlement when Hope was an infant. After prison, he became homeless and Hope lost touch with him.

“My family doesn’t do happy endings,” she sadly admitted in “Solo: A Memoir of Hope.”

And the source believes that will hold true for her new union as well.

“Hope’s marriage is going to end bad,” said the source. “Real bad!”