DESPITE claims and counter claims HERE’s what launched “MODERN FAMILY” star ARIEL WINTER’s war with her parents.

The teen star actually wants a divorce from her parents!

The 14-year-old, who plays brainy teenager Alex Dunphy on the hit ABC comedy, is seeking le­gal emancipation from her father and mother, Glenn and Crystal Workman. She’s furious with them for trying to stop her from dating her 17-year-old beau of six months, “A.N.T. Farm” hunk Cameron Pala­tas.

Glenn and Crystal think Cam­eron is too old for their daughter, but Ariel wants a full adult romance with him – love, sex, everything,” a source divulged.

“AND she’ll stop at nothing to get it.

“Ariel’s so angry and determined to live her own life she’s sought out an attorney to get free of her mom and dad.”

The young actress – who is currently living with her older sis­ter, former “One Life to Live” star Shanelle Workman – is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood stars Drew Barrymore, Macau­lay Culkin, Michelle Williams and Corey Feldman, who all won eman­cipation from their parents.

If Ariel succeeds in court, she’ll have the right to live where she chooses, keep all her own earnings and stay out as late as she wants. But even if a judge approves her petition, Ariel will still have to go to school and can’t have an intimate relation­ship with Cameron without putting him at risk. The age of consent in California is 18 – and Cameron could end up in hot water for having sex with his underage girlfriend!

Before Ariel met Cameron, she spoke openly about her close rela­tionship with her parents, who live in the L.A. suburb of Montrose. Her dad heads a communications com­pany and her mom’s a homemaker who also runs a management com­pany called Totally Kids.

Ariel even revealed that her mother often accompanied her on dates!

But just over a year later, she’s singing a totally different tune.

“Ariel is doing well at school and earning good money,” noted anoth­er insider. “She feels like she should be allowed to live her own life.

“Her parents are devastated and they don’t know what to do.”

And now bombshell legal papers have been filed charging both physical and sexual abuse – which have been denied.

THIS war is going to get UGLY.