A secret gay heartbreak haunts “The Hunger Games” star JOSH HUTCHERSON.

The 19-year-old actor – who plays the movie’s love struck warrior Peeta Mellark – has lost two uncles to AIDS, and their deaths led him to take a leading role in a gay rights campaign.

“When Josh was very young, the lives of two of his uncles were cut short by AIDS,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“At the time, he was too young to be aware of their tragic deaths.
“But as he got older he felt that he had to embrace his family history, and was desperate to help in some way.”

So last year Josh became the spokesperson for “Straight But Not Narrow,” a campaign designed to encourage young, straight men to publicly show support of gay men.

He also recorded a series of videos for the group. In one he asks, tongue in cheek: “Does it matter if your guy friends like guys over girls? I mean, doesn’t that leave more girls for you