Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan tried to kill himself after his nasty breakup with his wife of 23 years.

The grappling legend makes the shocking admission in his new autobiography, My Life Outside the Ring. In his recently released book, Hulk reveals the tragic details about a drug-and-alcohol-fueled breakdown that led to his unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Hulk’s wife Linda filed for divorce in 2007 after discovering that Hulk had been having an affair with Christiane Plante, a friend of their teenage daughter, Brooke.

In the tell-all, 56-year-old Hulk writes that he was "riddled with personal torment after Linda dumped him," said a publishing source familiar with the blockbuster book.

"Hulk says he sat alone in his empty house for two days straight and tried to numb his pain over the split by taking the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. He says he washed down the drug with Captain Morgan rum.

"Staring at a bathroom mirror in his despondent state, he became hysterical and started crying as he grabbed a handgun.

"Hulk writes that he ran the gun up and down his leg before deciding to put the barrel of the gun in his mouth. When he finally did, he says he could hear the sound of the metal against his teeth.

"But before pulling the trigger, the phone suddenly rang."

On the other end of the line was Hulk’s American Gladiators co-host Laila Ali, who called to offer her support – although she had no idea that she had interrupted her friend’s suicide attempt, says the source.

"He says speaking with Laila forced him to stop crying and to put the gun away. He viewed the moment as the beginning of his ‘spiritual awakening,’ and he says he was determined to change his life."

Hulk writes that he’s finally managed to put his life back together and says he’s even been able to let go of the anger he felt toward Linda, says the source. And he credits his change in attitude in part to current girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel, whom he met in a Clearwater, Fla., health food store.

"Jennifer barely knew anything about him, he says, and never watched wrestling, so it was a clean slate," added the source. "She’s helped him in his spiritual transformation, and he now feels the best part of his life is yet to come."