Hugh Hefner’s House Of Horrors

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Hugh Hefner’s notorious Playboy Mansion — once the scene of L.A.’s most outrageous celebrity sex parties — is now a creepy rundown retirement home where visitors are more likely to bump into nurses than luscious naked women!

Just days after Hef’s famous skin magazine announced it will no longer print explicit nude photos, Playmate Carla Howe revealed what REALLY goes on these days at the 22-bedroom estate in Holmby Hills, Calif.

And it’s NOT what you think! Like its frail and aging owner, the estate where A-list celebs including Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell and Owen Wilson once ran wild has seen much better times.

It smells of decay, dog urine, mildew and moldering, stained mattresses, visitors said. An ever more reclusive Hef wanders the halls accompanied by his medical staff instead of buxom beauties, Carla added.

The rooms are dingy, crammed with woefully out-of-date furniture that’s a hodge-podge of style and a monument to tacky taste.

Amazingly, the mansion is no longer a “place of excess with orgies and topless girls,” said the 25-year-old beauty. But it was a different story back in the day!

Hef’s former No. 1 Girlfriend, Holly Madison, claimed the Playboy honcho offered her a Quaalude as a “thigh opener” the first night she met him at a club. Holly, 35, who lived at the mansion from 2001 through 2008, said she had sex with the swinger the first time she was summoned to his bedroom — along with six other gals!

But now, rather than host celebrity sex galas, 89-year-old Hef spends quiet nights at the sprawling Gothic-style estate adhering to a strict — and boring — regime, said Carla.

Dinner is served promptly at 6:30 every night. The occupants of the house join fragile Hefner in eating beef and parsley sauce, which she said tastes “like hospital food.”

After dinner, Hefner mostly wants “to play chess with his friends and watch old films,” Carla revealed.

There are still women living at the house. But they have a strict 9 p.m. curfew and men are banned from the mansion. It’s “like being in prison,” the model said.

Carla claimed the antiquated building needs serious help, but Hefner “refuses to change anything, and the whole place feels like it’s stuck in the 1980s.”

The raven-haired beauty added the home looks worn out, with old phones hanging on the walls, and damp smelling bedrooms that feel “cold and unused.”

Her claims back up tales by former resident and Playmate Izabella St. James, 40, who said the life of a Playboy model was far from glamorous.

“Each bedroom had mismatched, random pieces of furniture,” she recalled. “It was as if someone had gone to a charity shop and bought the basics for each room.

“Although we all did our best to decorate our rooms and make them homey, the mattresses on our beds were disgusting — old, worn and stained. The sheets were past their best, too.”

But it wasn’t all that long ago the mansion was hosting the top celebs in Hollywood for wild bashes.

The list of stars who once partied in the house off Sunset Boulevard included: George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt, and Vanna White. Bill Cosby was also a regular — and The ENQUIRER has reported on how Hef has now been dragged into the charges of sexual abuse against the disgraced comic!

Izabella recalled how Leo, Colin and Owen could “click their fingers” to take their pick of girls at the house.

“These boys caused a stir at every party,” she said. “Leo practically lived at the mansion! I lost count of the times I saw him bundling five or six girls into a limo to take back to his house.”

She added Leo also loved to sneak onto the grounds and have sex next to the monkey enclosures.

But those times are long gone. Carla said aging Hef is a shadow of his former self ± and “almost never leaves home!”