After years of dieting, human blimp KIRSTIE ALLEY appears to be deflating right before our eyes! Learn HOW!

Only The ENQUIRER gets inside Kirstie's “Chamber of Secrets” to discover the how and whys of the Dancing with The Stars beauty's successful campaign in the campaign against obesity plus.

The 60 year old "Fat Actress" has been battling the bulge for years including a major FAIL as a Jenny Craig spokesperson between 2005 and 2008.

Desperate to lose the extra tonnage, Kirstie started her own weight loss regimen in Nov. 2009, and told pals she was going to consider gastric bypass surgery.

Just before she went full-bore with her own weight loss program, Organic Liason, she said that if the new regimen didn't work, she would opt for gastric bypass,” the friend told The ENQUIRER.

For those that don't know, gastric bypass is a major operation that divides the stomach into a smaller and larger pouch, rearranging the small intestine to make a smaller passage way for food. Complications are common and 2 percent of the patients die from the procedure.

BUT not yet ready to endure risky surgery, Kirstie has been using Organic Liaison rigorous workout sessions with a personal trainer and close pal Kelly Preston – plus her grueling 12 to 14 hour rehearsals for the DWTS competition.

Kirstie who's been a smash hit on the TV dance-off recently boasted she had lost 70 pounds, bringing her down to 160 pounds and a size 6.

But experts say that there's no way that's true!

Dr. Edward Jackowski, a noted fitness expert and author said, “Kirstie may be confusing her dress size with her shoe size! She's definitely lost some weight but there's no way she's a size 6!”

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Kirstie has had a habit of publicly fudging her weight loss results.

After the launch of Organic Liason. The Enquirer reported Kirstie had checked into Cal-a-Vie health spa for help to get in shape.

While Kirstie who weighed 230 pounds at check-in tweeted she was working out and eating healthy, an eyewitness revealed she slept late every day, ordered desserts to her room and demanded seconds durring dinner.

Even though Kirstie has lost weight, she still isn't honest,” added another friend.

“Her friends are wondering if she resorted to surgery to help her.”