How The Kardashians Milked Lamar Odom For All He’s Worth!

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“The Kardashians don’t give a f–k about my son! Lamar would be better off without them!”

With those fiery words, Lamar Odom’s father, Joe, blasted the reality TV clan in a world exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER in 2013.

In a bitter tirade, Joe blamed his son’s marriage to Khloé Kardashian for the former NBA star’s spiralling drug woes.

The ENQUIRER has now learned the publicity-hungry family continued to exploit Lamar right up to his cocaine-fueled tragedy at a seedy Nevada brothel!

A source told The ENQUIRER: “On the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ episode that aired on Oct. 11 — just two days before Lamar was found unresponsive — he was STILL being used as a story line.

“The Kardashians were milking him for ratings, even though Khloé had moved on. They knew the big guy was hurting, but they had no problem using him as a punch line!”

In an earlier episode, producers even included a mean-spirited question shouted at Khloé: “Are you going to pick Lamar up from Skid Row tonight?”

Triumph & Disaster: The Complicated History Of Lamar Odom

After Lamar was found, one report suggested the trigger for his overdose was the Kardashians’ insistence on talking about him on their high-rated E! show.

Said the source: “Lamar told some hookers at the bordello that he felt like he was being used by Khloé and her family. They were capitalizing on his real-life pain after tossing him aside!”

Following the tragedy, the Kardashians tried to muzzle brothel owner Dennis Hof from speaking to the media.

Adding insult to injury, Lamar and Khloé’s divorce had not been signed by a judge, meaning Khloé was the sole beneficiary of Lamar’s $10 million life insurance policy — if he passed away.

Said the source: “Talk about exploiting a guy to his grave! Certainly Lamar’s two out-of-wedlock kids could use that money, but the Kardashians will only get richer — as their money-grubbing ‘momager,’ Kris Jenner, would no doubt like it!”