An outrageous public display of affection has stirred up talk that The Real Housewives of New York City star COUNTESS LUANN de LESSEPS is a "lesbian cougar"!

The 45-year-old reality star turned heads at an upscale nightclub when she engaged in a shocking make-out session with a sexy tattooed and pierced rocker half her age, The ENQUIRER has learned.

LuAnn’s girl-on-girl action with the goth beauty occurred at Slingers in Agoura Hills, Calif., in early June, according to multiple sources.

"LuAnn was at the club with a couple of guy friends and they were all drinking, smoking and having a blast," a source confides.

"One of LuAnn’s pals approached the tattooed girl and said, ‘Our friend LuAnn over there wants to know if you have a cigarette for her.’ The girl seductively said, ‘Tell your friend she can come over here and ask me herself.’

"Well, that’s all it took – LuAnn and the sexy stranger hung out, got to know each other and ended up making out for hours!

"LuAnn had a table and proceeded to feed the girl drinks, flirt and kiss for the rest of the night. She kept telling her how beautiful she was and how she reminded her of when she was younger. Her friends jokingly told LuAnn she was a lesbian cougar!"

In 2009, the quirky Countess, who just released a single "Money Can’t Buy You Class," was dumped via e-mail by her husband Count de Lesseps.

The reality star isn’t gay, say friends, but she likes to have fun and play with her sexuality.

"LuAnn loves all the publicity she gets from the TV show, and her new song is attracting even more fame," said the source.

"Who knows, you may see her in a lesbian story angle next season."