ALL hell has broken loose on the set of TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” – and only The ENQUIRER has all the details about the outrageous antics that brought production of the hit show to a screeching halt!

In one scene that viewers will never see, Honey Boo Boo’s older sister “Pumpkin” was nearly blinded in a freak acci­dent. Fans also won’t see the prank gone wrong that sent June “Mama” Shannon into a profan­ity-laced tirade at the show’s crew. Add in a new pet chicken for the show’s 7-year-old star Alana Thompson – and you’ve got the makings of absolute mayhem!

Things have gotten so out of hand, says a source, that Anna “Chickadee” Shannon – the eldest of June’s four daughters – is ready to take her 4-month-old baby girl, Kait-lyn, and run off with her new RICH boyfriend!

She’s Back! Honey Boo Boo Then & Now!

“It’s complete chaos,” said the source. “And it’s only going to get worse!”

The frightening accident that nearly cost 12-year-old Lauryn (Pumpkin) her sight occurred on Oct. 27 at the family’s home. Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson – Alana’s dad – threw a set of car keys to Pumpkin and hit her right in the face!

“Sugar Bear wasn’t trying to hurtto hurt her,” explained the source. “He thought Lauryn was going to catch the keys, but she missed.

“The keys struck her in the face and scratched her cornea. She covered her face with her hands and began screaming, and blood was flowing from cuts under her eye.”

According to the source, June freaked out, shouting at Sugar Bear: “What did you DO?! You could have blinded her for life!”

Lauryn was rushed to a local hospital and kept overnight, “mainly because she was in shock,” said the source. “They were all terrified that Pumpkin would lose her sight. Thankfully, it all turned out OK, but they lost a whole day of filming.”

Another taping came to an abrupt halt during the filming of Honey Boo Boo’s Halloween party, when June exploded after being caught on the wrong side of a mean prank.

Prodded by the crew to “scare” June, series regular “Crazy Tony” Lindsey – who was playing around with rubber snakes – secretly  switched out the toys for a REAL snake, chopped off its head and lopped it around June’s neck!

June, who’d been sitting around the fire with the family, let loose a string of expletives, then threw both the headless snake and her TLC mi­crophone into the blaze. Meanwhile, little Alana was so terrified by the incident, SHE burst into tears!

“That was the last straw for June,” revealed the source. “She said, ‘I TOLD you I’m not having you people scare her to (bleeping) death. Now you can go back to (bleeping) TLC and tell them why their (bleeping) equipment is in the fire!’”

June stormed off with Alana in tow and Pumpkin hot on their heels.

“Get that (bleeping) camera out of my face – NOW!” the 12-year-old screamed at the crew. Filming shut down for the night.

Adding to the drama is Alana’s new pet – a chicken she named “Nugget” after her favorite fast food. Nugget sleeps IN the house in a special cage.

The madness has pushed Anna, 18, to the edge – and she’s already hatch­ing an escape plan with her wealthy new beau, 21-year-old Mitch Brewer, whose family owns a roller rink and several construction companies.

“Anna sees Mitch as her way to escape from the family,” the source confided. “She hates June and wants nothing to do with the family, but she’s got a newborn baby, no high school diploma and no prospects.

“When Mitch got interested in her, she jumped at the chance. She’s al­ready thinking about marriage!”

And that may not end well for Mitch, warns the source. Anna’s last boyfriend, Caleb Clark, broke up with her after she admitted she had cheated on him – and told him the baby she was car­rying might not be his! Caleb still thinks he’s little Kaitlyn’s fa­ther but says that Anna’s family has blocked his efforts to get a paternity test.

“Mitch is a very sweet guy, but he’s naive when it comes to Anna,” noted the source. “I’m afraid that if he keeps seeing her, he’s headed for heartbreak.”