Hollywood’s Most Extreme New Surgery Trends

Kris jenner getty

Stringing themselves up!

Not surprisingly, Momager Kris Jenner is the poster girl for Puppet Facelifts.

The procedure uses needles to pull pieces of string through the skin and cheek muscles to lift and secure the face.

But Dr. Lyle Back, a plastic surgeon based in Philadelphia, said he’s sew-sew about the procedure.

“The sutures can be seen and felt – forever,” he explained. “I have removed many of these threads from unhappy patients.”

Deep-freezing themselves!

Stars claim this is the coolest way to fight aging – if you can take it!

Subjects stand in a deep-freeze chamber, where the temp is a frosty 238 degrees below zero, and get blasted by nitrogen gas.

The polar process is said to stimulate collagen production, boost metabolism, reduce wrinkles and melt fat at a whopping 800 calories a session!

“I’m obsessed,” raved Mandy Moore, 31.

Beating their feet!

When you’re tip-toeing the red carpet, you need terrific tootsies!

“Cinderella Surgery” is a surgical procedure that alters the size and shape of feet with the sole purpose of fitting into designer shoes – the kind that sent Victoria Beckham, 41, running for a bunionectomy!

Although her procedure removed a dangerous bone growth, most Cinderellas – which include lengthening or shortening toes – are just silly.

“Would you have your feet rebuilt if it meant meeting your Prince Charming?” asked plastic surgeon Otto Placik.