It’s the silent drug shame behind many Hollywood  A-listers – CRYSTAL METH – and it’s on the rise among young stars!
While cocaine may still be king of Hollywood, Crystal Meth aka Tweak is on the rise
The majority of states in the U.S. have now reported crystal meth as their number one serious drug problem, citing it more than cocaine and marijuana combined.
“It is in the circuit and it’s slowly rising,” Dr. Eric Braverman, addiction specialist told FOX411. “It doesn’t need to be imported; it can be made at home, so it’s one of the hardest substances to police or control.”
Big celeb have admitted fallen prey to the princess of darkness
Prior to Black Eyes Peas breaking out and charting as a super-band, Fergie was hooked.
Actor Tom Sizemore was arrested in 2007 for possession.
The following year Farrah Fawcett's son, Redmond O’Neal, was collared by nraco cops after authorities found meth strewn about his Malibu pad.
And “Full House” star Jodie Sweeten admitted in her bombshell 2009 memoir that she struggled with crystal meth addiction, confessing she hit the premiere for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's “New York Minute” in 2004, wobbling walked the red carpet "high as a kite."
The impact of crystal meth is more than devastating.Crystal meth blows out the brain’s ability to make dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure center, causing brain damage, Dr. Braverman told FoxNews.
Someone using the drug can only retain physical energy from continuing to use it.
“There is often a lot of pressure to maintain a Hollywood relationship, and meth (gives the illusion of) increased libido sexual performance,” Braverman said.
Methamphetamine is also used for its appetite suppression side effect which is how many stars maintain their “scary skinny” appearance.
And for those actors struggling to make it "big" – the cost of meth is far cheaper compared to cocaine and heroin, Pax Prentiss, the founder and director of Passages Malibu rehab center revealed.
“The drug is very cheap and made out of chemicals that you can buy in any drug store,” Prentiss divulged.
“The most expensive drug is heroin, and it’s not uncommon for a celebrity with a heroin habit to pay up to $500 a day, or $200,000 a year. But a typical meth habit is only $20-40 per day.”