Hollywood Divorces Explode: Beyoncé & Jay Z

Hollywood divorces explode beyonce jay z ne short

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are locked in a sham marriage — and were “literally signatures away from a divorce” just months ago, a source has sensationally claimed to The National ENQUIRER.

The rap mogul, 45, and “Queen Bey,” 34, secretly split twice in anticipation of divvying up their $1 billion bank account, the insider divulged!

The “Crazy in Love” diva’s desire for another child ended their trial separations, but now the volatile twosome are on the verge of calling it quits, the source said.

“They’ve lived apart for a little while,” the source said to The ENQUIRER. “Then they look at (daughter) Blue Ivy, and Bey thinks she wants another baby. So, she goes, ‘Let’s give this a shot,’ and they have sex. For a few moments things are right with the world again, but really they’re not.

“They are two flawed people who make everyone believe they’re perfect. But they are a bad storm and you’d best believe there aren’t any blue skies hovering over them.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in late 2014, the couple’s marriage was besieged by jealous rages, allegations of infidelity and even physical abuse!

Public signs of trouble began with the infamous elevator brawl when Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, pummeled Jay Z over his desire to visit Rihanna’s party after the May 2014 Met Gala.

Then in November, the two — who wed in April 2008 — were spotted sniping at a Brooklyn Nets game before Jay Z gave Beyoncé the silent treatment, and she began a bizarre bobble-head act.

A provocative series of seemingly coded cries for help were also posted on the “Single Ladies” singer’s social media accounts. That’s when the couple nearly split for good.

“They were literally signatures away from a divorce last year,” said the source. “But then the media got wind of it, and they called it off because they didn’t want the media to be right. For them, it’s about control and keeping the media, their fans, their family — and everyone else — off track.”

In a move that seemed intended to silence rumors of a split, the couple then renewed their wedding vows during a European vacation.

Said our source: “It’s ridiculous. They’ve become a headache to their staff and everyone they do business with, because we all know they are trying desperately to keep up appearances.

"Now, even they seem to be tired of keeping up appearances.”