Mine! Mine! Mine!

Hoda Kotb Is A Hoarder!

‘Today’ anchor admits she likes to keep stuff around!

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Talk-show host Hoda Kotb is neat as a pin on NBC’s “Today” — but she’s a hoarder at home, cramming her pad full of knickknacks she refuses to throw out!

“Hoda hasn’t even done fall cleaning yet — she’s two seasons behind!” her co-host Kathie Lee Gifford joked.

Hoda confesses her home is SO littered with junk that she tweeted a photo of her family around the Thanksgiving table and got a slew of messages back, saying, “Are you a hoarder?”

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The 51-year-old chatterbox admitted she “overdoes” keeping stuff, but said, “some things you have to hold on to and touch, and have and feel. I think you should keep certain things.”

Kathie Lee said she gives away her older stuff but has one cherished memento — a watch that her late hubby Frank gave her on their second date — “a brown-faced Rolex, ‘cause he loved my brown eyes.’”