HILARY DUFF has turned her macho former hockey-pro hus­band into Mr. Mom!

The 24-year-old “Lizzie McGuire” star gave birth to son Luca Cruz on March 20, but Hilary isn’t let­ting motherhood keep her tied to the stove. Instead, proud papa Mike Comrie is wearing the apron strings.

“Hilary told Mike that since he is retired and she’s now the family bread-winner, he should be the stay-at-home parent,” revealed a close source.

“She had Mike trained to do diapers and bottle feedings, and she put him in charge of other household duties, including making breakfast, doing laundry and light cleaning.

“Mike loves his son and is enjoying the bonding time, but he jokes that he feels more like Hilary’s slave than her husband.

“Meanwhile, Hilary goes to Pilates classes five times a week, and she’s out shopping and do­ing lunches with girlfriends most afternoons. She buzzes around town to meetings and auditions.”

Nine days after giving birth, the ac­tress stepped out to the Nine Zero One hair salon for pam­pering. And within 11 days, she was back working out at the gym.

The radiant star and Canadian na­tive Mike, 31, married in August 2010, and the one-time Pittsburgh Penguins star retired from professional play this past Febru­ary after enduring three hip opera­tions in five years.

“Hilary is a fantastic, loving and hands-on mom, but she’s also getting lots of acting and modeling offers,” said the source.

“Meanwhile, Mike’s life con­sists of 24-hour diaper duty and grocery shopping – and he’s even taking cooking classes!”