HE’S the drug-taking “black sheep” who could derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations!

Fed-up at her brother-in-law Roger’s perpetual troubles with the law, the former Secretary of State has ordered husband Bill to keep his embarrassing 58-year-old sibling out of trouble, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

The bad boy recently escaped two ugly lawsuits filed by women who claimed he paid them to fight – a bizarre obsession first reported by The ENQUIRER in sizzling exposés in 2012 and 2013!

The ENQUIRER’s revelations detailed Roger as a perverse cocaine addict who loved watching women brawl.

Said a source: “Hillary went ballistic when Roger’s bizarre fight fetish made headlines. She told Bill to shut him down and instruct Roger to clean up his act. She wants none of this when she runs for the White House.”

The scandal erupted when a California woman, Nadeze Connelly, slapped Roger with a $500,000 lawsuit, claiming that in 2011 he intentionally had her beaten up after he offered her $150 to cook rice for him at his Torrance, Calif., home.

According to the police, Nadeze claimed she was punched “approximately six times” by a woman identified as Melissa Fitzpatrick, who also allegedly clocked her with a frying pan!

Nadeze provided graphic photos of her injuries to The ENQUIRER – revealed here for the first time – and said Roger was an addict who regularly snorted “eightballs” – 3-and-a-half grams – of cocaine.

Roger served 15 months in federal prison for dealing cocaine, and landed in rehab in 2001 after a DUI arrest.

After this publication ran Nadeze’s story, another woman claimed Roger paid her $50 to fight!

“He paid someone to jump out of hiding and beat me,” said Monique Abergel.

Both women took Roger to court but lost. Nadeze lost on Dec. 15, 2014, and Monique’s case was dismissed on Jan. 16.

Roger’s lawyer, Walter Wiggins, Jr., told The ENQUIRER: “Mr. Clinton categorically denied the plaintiffs’ claims from the outset of the litigation, and he is gratified that he has been vindicated.”

Said the source: “Roger may have won in court, but Hillary still doesn’t trust him!”