Hillary Clinton’s Emails Reveal Lesbian Lust …

Hilary clinton getty square

HILLARY CLINTON kept close tabs on her wandering-eye hubby, according to emails obtained by The ENQUIRER; she also discussed a health crisis and had a lesbian encounter with a reporter!

One email from Nov. 26, 2012 revealed how the former Secretary of State made sure Bill was actually at home.

A footnote at the bottom of the missive read: “HRC RON Washington D.C. WJC RON Chappaqua, N.Y.”

HRC, of course, means Hillary Rodham Clinton. WJC refers to her husband, William Jefferson Clinton. RON translates to “remain overnight,” sources disclosed to The ENQUIRER.

Another humiliating email revealed the Secretary of State learned of a Cabinet meeting on the radio, and then quickly asked her staff, “Can I go?”

The emails also described the shocking lesbian overtones of an encounter between Hillary and a Wall Street Journal reporter who couldn’t get enough of Hillary!

“Tom, she moved that yellow chair as close [as] it went,” wrote a Hillary staffer in reference to the incident. “Knee to knee. Amazed she didn’t try knee in between knee. And if that wasn’t enough, she leaned forward.”

Meanwhile, the reporter breathlessly asked, “Hillary … what do you eat? Drink? Dream about when you sleep?”

Lastly, the emails shed light on a devastating fall she took. “I’m sorry that I cannot be on the Hill today as we had long planned … I’ll be nursing my cracked head and cheering you on!” Hillary wrote to two staffers on Dec. 20, 2012.