HILLARY CLINTON has blasted Angelina Jolie as a “fake” and a “home-wrecker,” according to an insider who predicts that the simmering tension between the two powerhouse women will soon explode!

The former first lady is said to have bared her claws at the Holly­wood femme fatale after learning that Angelina wanted to seduce her husband, former president Bill Clinton. And the friction has grown worse in recent years as the two became prominent in international politics – Angelina as a United Nations goodwill ambassador and Hillary as President Obama’s secre­tary of state.

“Not even a world’s stage is big enough for these two women,” de­clared a source. “Hillary has gotten more and more riled up as she saw Angelina continually trying to steal her thunder.

“The last straw came when Hillary heard that Angelina was going to get involved with the 2016 (presidential) election. While she hasn’t officially announced her run for the White House, it’s pretty clear Hillary sees herself as the leading Democratic candidate, and she doesn’t want Angie run­ning off her mouth.”

Last April, when both of them were at the Women in the World summit in New York, an insider says Angelina got word to Hillary that she wanted to meet her privately “to discuss important mat­ters” in an empty room at the Lincoln Center.

Added the source: “Hillary was fit to be tied. ‘Why on earth would I want to see HER!’ she raged. Hillary made it clear Angelina was not her favorite person and that if they met she would probably end up telling her, ‘You’re a fake!’”

“Angie was mystified by Hill­ary’s cold snub.”

Hillary’s animosity stretches back years. Sources say she believes her skirt-chasing husband became infatu­ated with the now 38-year-old “Salt” actress in 2007 after Angelina attended an annual meeting for his foundation. And journalist Ian Halperin wrote in his book, “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,” that the sexpot had stated she wanted to seduce Bill Clinton.

“Hillary believes Angelina encouraged Bill’s attention and that’s something she will never forget. When it comes to bear­ing a grudge, Hillary has a long memory. She’s also described Angie to some of her closest aides as a ‘homewrecker’ for the way she stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston.

“To Hillary, working in politics is a lot more complex than being a part-time U.N. ambassador in between acting gigs and she firmly believes that Angie should stick to making movies.”

The situation almost came to a head in 2009, when Angelina and Hillary were scheduled to meet at the White House for World Refugee Day. But Hillary suffered a mysterious fall and broke her elbow, forcing her to cancel the meeting. That fall was “highly suspicious,” a source told author Halperin at the time.

“So far, Hillary and Angelina’s bitter feelings have stayed below the public radar,” the source noted. “But it’s only a matter of time before the gloves come off.”