“YOU’RE A BACK STABBER!” That’s what sources say Hill­ary Clinton accused her old love rival Bar­bra Streisand of being while in a fury over a salacious TV mini-series that threatens to blow the lid off her embarrassing mar­riage secrets.

The former secretary of state fears the miniseries could de­stroy her run for the White House in 2016. Now she’s blam­ing the legendary singer for not stepping in after learning that former daughter-in-law Diane Lane would play Hillary in the multimillion-dollar production.

“Hillary was in a rage with Barbra,” said a source. “Her attitude was, ‘How could you do this to me?’”

Tentatively titled “Hillary,” the project is expected to detail her philandering hubby Bill’s sex­capades – including the Monica Lewinsky scandal – as well as Hillary’s own shocking love life.

Sources say Hillary will do whatever it takes to make sure the miniseries never airs – and has even met privately with President Barack Obama about using his clout to stop NBC. They also say she’s taking aim at anyone who’s had a hand in getting the series produced.

“Hillary is certain that Strei­sand knew all along that Diane was going to portray her,” the source continued. “She even  believes that Barbra encouraged Diane to take the part – and that really stings.”

Hillary, 65, has had it in for Barbra, 71, since rumors first sur­faced in the early ’90s that President Clinton was carrying on a secret affair with the diva. Barbra had been a huge supporter, giving a concert to raise money for Bill’s White House campaign. She also sang at his inaugural gala.

But the bad blood between the women exploded when Babs spent the night as a guest in the Lincoln Bedroom in 1993 while Hillary was in Little Rock tending to her dying father. On the day Hillary returned to the White House, there was talk of a major fight, and the next morning, the president had an un­explained scratch on his face.

As The ENQUIRER reported the following year, a jealous Hillary banned Barbra from the White House over fears that the singer was trying to make a play for her husband.

While Barbra told pals at the time that Hillary’s fears were “silly,” a Belt­way insider says the former first lady “has never forgiven…or for­gotten.”

According to sources, Bill had to beg Hillary to accompany him to the 40th anniversary Chaplin Award Gala on April 22 in New York, where Barbra was honored for her film career.

“She plastered on a big, fake smile for the cameras, but she couldn’t wait to get out of there,” said the source. “Hillary still hates Barbra.

“She thinks that Barbra should have stopped Diane from doing the miniseries.”

Although Diane, 48, is no longer married to Barbra’s stepson Josh Brolin, the two women remain close, say insiders.

“The fact that Barbra didn’t step in has convinced Hillary that Barbra’s doing this out of spite AND because she still has a thing for Bill,” added the source.

“For Hillary, Barbra’s former daughter-in-law playing her is the LAST straw.”