The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals Hilary Duff‘s big time binge drinking. 

The underage Disney diva was like a mad Russian, slamming down vodkas at Club Villa, witnesses told The ENQUIRER.

"Hilary was out of control," the insider revealed.  "She got really loaded on Grey Goose vodka mixers.  She kept lighting cigarettes even though the club doesn’t allow smoking."

But the petite star of A Cinderella Story really turned heads and raised eyebrows when she started dirty dancing with a girlfriend — which infuriated her date Mike Comrie of the New York Islanders.

Finally she lost her footing and went smashing into her table, scattering drinks.

"Everyone was laughing except for Mike.  He was furious!"

Minutes later she was hustled upstairs to a bathroom by girlfriends. 

A disheveled Duff reemerged from the toilet where she was confronted by Mike who read her the riot act.

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