Hefner Kept Twin Teen Sex Slaves!

Shannon Twins Birthday
Rachel Worth / WENN.com Newscom/Mega Agency

Shriveled Hugh Hefner kept 18-year-old twins as Playboy Mansion sex slaves, plying them with drugs and holding them under lock and key to perform at his shocking orgies, the now-grown sisters, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, charge!

Now, the 32-year-olds are dancing on horrid Hefner’s grave, saying the skin magazine mogul, who died at age 91 in 2017, was the “devil” and insisting they’re “glad he’s dead.” Both are suing his estate for abuse, charging their two years living at Hef’s L.A. party palace were like being in a cult.

“Hef acted like he owned you,” reveals Kristina. “If we broke his rules, six guards would drag us to our room and not let us leave.

“He preyed on vulnerable young girls like us. He would offer you the world, then keep you trapped in his house, which was like a golden prison.”

Hef nabbed the 18-year-old twins, who were working as waitresses and living in a Florida trailer park, after seeing their glamour photos.

He flew them to L.A., and whisked them to his mansion in a limo.

On their 19th birthdays, after taking them to a club and plying them with booze, the wrinkled 83-year-old took them to his bedroom where he gave them “leg spreaders,” hypnotic Quaalude pills, and demanded the teen beauties call him “Papa” before having sex.

“It was creepy and gross,” says Karissa. “We felt filthy, disgusted.”

Later, the manic moneybags got them high on booze and drugs before forcing them to join him in orgies with groups of girls, the sisters claim.

Still 19, Kristina found out she was pregnant and secretly had an abortion.

“I felt like there was an alien inside my stomach,” recalls the shamed beauty. “It was like the devil was inside of me.

“I didn’t want anyone to know I was carrying an 83-year-old man’s child.”

Meanwhile, Hefner’s son Cooper says accusations against his father are merely a matter of “regret becoming revenge,” insisting the Playboy titan was not a beast.