Heather Mills is 26 years younger than her husband Paul McCartney, but she’s trying to make herself look even younger, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The former model, 34, who married 60-year-old McCartney in a lavish million-dollar wedding last June, is undergoing dermaplaning treatments at a Manhattan plastic surgeon’s office, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Heather has feared aging since she was a teenager,” an insider revealed. “She wants to impress Paul and make sure he keeps his eyes on her even across a room packed with gorgeous young women.

“Heather feels she’s in competition with Paul’s fashion designer daughter Stella. She’s three years older than Stella and wants to look younger and more glamorous.”

The former model’s treatments began in September and could take anywhere from a few months to a year to accomplish. They’re relatively painless and produce a radiant, blemish-free complexion.

“Heather started treatments with a licensed aesthetician who helped popularize the procedure among celebrities in Beverly Hills,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“In dermaplaning, the top layers of skin are scraped off with a Teflon-coated blade.

“The process removes dead skin, lessens surface irregularities and stimulates the growth of collagen.

“The skin looks younger immediately but it requires at least four sessions to show lasting results.”

This isn’t the first time Heather has resorted to cosmetic surgery. She underwent breast reduction in 1991, and her former husband Alfie Karmal once described her as “completely bonkers” about plastic surgery.

“Meanwhile, Linda McCartney — who was married to Paul for 30 years — aged gracefully and wore the years of her life on her face with exceptional self-confidence,” said the insider.

“These women are as different as night and day.”

Dr. Scot Glasberg, a top New York City plastic surgeon who is not treating Heather, told The ENQUIRER the results of dermaplaning can be very dramatic.

“Skin looks healthier,” Dr. Glasberg told The ENQUIRER.

“It feels better and wrinkles and areas of damage are reduced.

“It’s basically a rejuvenation of the skin.”