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Heather Locklear A Pawn In Love Rival’s Game!

Insiders Say Tommy Lee’s New Bride is Buttering Her Up To Push Her Career!

Heather Locklear A Pawn In Tommy Lee’s New Bride Brittany Furlan's Game
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Heather Locklear’s pals are warning her to stay away from her new BFF — they said Tommy Lee’s scheming wife is just using her!

Internet influencer Brittany Furlan married Heather’s ex in 2019, and insiders said she’s been pitching a battle for the rocker to stay close to Heather, 58, ONLY so she can ride the Melrose Place beauty’s coattails!

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According to a source, Brittany, 33, “wants them to be friends so she can be in the spotlight and use her infamous name!”

As The National ENQUIRER reported, insiders claimed Brittany deleted all the female numbers in Tommy’s phone — except Heather’s! Sources said she even had Tommy call his ex over the holidays.

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“She wants to use the situation to say she and Heather are friends. She’s a total opportunist,” insisted the insider.

“Brittany wants Heather to be close so her career can take off. And Heather wants to be close so she can get back together with Tommy, so Brittany better be careful!”