Health Scare Over Angelina Jolie’s Freaky Feet!

Angelina Jolie Shops at an Ethiopian Boutique store with her two daughters Zahara and Vivienne in Los Angeles, CA
Marksman / MEGA

Angelina Jolie’s skin-and-bones body is taking a backseat to the alarmingly scary condition of her funky feet, with some fearing they’re a sign she’s developed osteoporosis and even diabetes!

The 46-year-old Eternals actress was spotted shopping at The Grove in L.A. with youngest daughter Vivienne, and observers tattle her tootsies looked veiny and weird.

“She’s been walking around barefoot or in shoes with little to no support, and now veins and painful bunions are a problem,” spills an insider.

“Her feet look swollen and gross. Many are blaming a poor diet and the fear is it’s causing chronic conditions like osteoporosis and maybe even diabetes.”

As the National ENQUIRER has reported, medical experts say the 5-foot-7 Maleficent witch’s weight has plunged to a terrifying 100 pounds, with her hands looking bony and crippled.

Sources say the stress of her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt has robbed her of what little appetite she has.

Florida-based life span expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin says poor nourishment causes a lack of a fat layer under the skin that can pad and protect feet.

“Her biggest concern is broken foot bones from the slightest trauma,” warns Mirkin, who has not treated the actress.