Embattled New York Yankee ALEX RODRIGUEZ had his way with sexy celebs, prostitutes and hookers, engaging in kinky threesomes – reports.

The New York Post‘s Page Six reports that the 38-year-old slugger’s hard ball rep will be splintered beyoinf performance enhancing drug accusations when  book House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, The World’s Most Powerful Address is released.

According to the explosive book — due to be published next March — A-Rod rented a luxurious apartment for $30,000 per month in 2010 and a building employee is spilling the beans on visitors he saw in and out.

“He got hookers all the time. Usually two at a time, two times a week,” the source told author Michael Gross.

“One time he had two go up, they came down and left, and 10 minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in.”

Rodriguez and Diaz were a dating item in 2010 before splitting for good in 2011.

“Fifteen ([Central Park West]) became A-Rod’s home plate,” Gross says in the book, also claiming A-Rod hooked up with the likes of Kate Hudfon and Madonna, along with Diaz.

“But apparently they weren’t enough for A-Rod.”

While A-Rod had a constant flow of affectionate female visitors at his Park West apartment, the building staff had nothing nice to say about the disgraced four-bagger.

“He was a douche… unfriendly,” a building employee said. “I hate the guy. He thought he was God.”

However, Rodriguez’s rep denied the claims of hiring hookers saying, “This is a further effort to fabricate scandal around Alex. The allegations concerning prostitutes are categorically false.”