Harry Begs Queen: Let Us Come Home!

Prince Harry
Yui Muk/AP/Shutterstock
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Yui Muk/AP/Shutterstock (12191887z) Britain's Prince William and Prince Harry arrive for the statue unveiling on what would have been Princess Diana's 60th birthday, in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, London Princess Diana, London, United Kingdom - 01 Jul 2021

Homesick Prince Harry is trapped in a living nightmare as his wife, Meghan, chases her Hollywood dreams — and now the royal renegade is begging his dad, Charles, and granny Queen Elizabeth to let him come home, palace insiders dish.

Just as she cut off her own relatives the moment she became a duchess, palace courtiers claim Meghan, 40, roped her 37-year-old prince into severing ties with his family and dumping his royal duties for a new life in America.

Now, cut off from his kinfolk, Harry’s desperately trying to crawl back and abandon money-hungry Meghan’s California gold rush, royal sources tattle.

“Harry’s apparently found the grass isn’t greener across the Atlantic,” says a high-level palace courtier. “He wants to rejoin the royal fold.”

“But the ultimate decision rests with Her Majesty — and he knows she’s furious at him for heaping scandal and scorn on the family.”

“So he’s shamelessly using his father to get to his steel-willed grandmother and beg her to approve his return with Meghan and their young kids!”

Harry’s been secretly contacting his estranged dad claiming he wants to get closer to the family ahead of his late grandpa Prince Philip’s spring memorial service and the queen’s 70th jubilee celebrations in June.

“It seems he regrets quitting and is trying to rebuild bridges burned when he and Meghan accused the royals of racism and cruelty in scathing TV interviews,” says the source.

“But while his relationship with Charles is thawing, Harry knows the queen will be a hard nut to crack. The pain he and Meghan have caused her is immeasurable.”

The move to mend fences comes as Harry threatens to sue Her Majesty’s government for stripping away police protection for him, Meghan and their kids, Archie, 2, and eight-month-old Lilibet.

Their taxpayer-funded Scotland Yard security team was axed when the Sussexes quit royal duties two years ago. Harry wants government bodyguards if his nuclear family returns to Britain — and even offered to pay for it himself.

“The couple insists it’s too dangerous to visit the U.K. without the team, but Charles has offered his home to them any time they want,” dishes another royal insider.

“Charles is desperate to spend time with his grandchildren, including Lilibet, who he’s never met, and there can be no safer place than under the roof of the future king!”

But Harry and Meghan apparently turned him down, sparking new fears Charles’ wife, Camilla, will take a beating in Harry’s upcoming $20 million tell-all memoir!

“The buzz is Meghan will only stay at Windsor Castle with the queen,” says the courtier.

A squat at Windsor would allow Meghan, Harry and the kids to bond with the 95-year-old monarch in her last days.

“A stay at Windsor smacks of emotional blackmail to get the queen to give in to their demands,” notes the source.

Meanwhile, rumors that Harry and Meghan want to sell their $14 million California mansion have triggered talk of trouble in paradise. A media industry insider claims their $24 million Spotify podcast deal has turned into a disaster, with the streaming service being forced to “take matters into its own hands” to produce promised projects.

“Any return to England would be met with dread on both sides of the Atlantic,” says the palace courtier. “They still have megabucks contracts with Netflix and Spotify to fulfill — and their royal connection is the only thing they have to sell.”

“We fear they’re looking for more damaging royal drama as fodder for their Hollywood spin machine. They’re loose cannons who’ve already thrown the royal family under the bus.”