Harrison Ford Plays Hero – For Real – On Cursed Indy Set

Harrison Ford Out and About, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Dec 2017

Aging superstar Harrison Ford acted like a real-life action hero when he swooped to the rescue of a crew member who collapsed on the set of the fifth Indiana Jones movie.

Sources say the 79-year-old screen legend raised the alarm when the unnamed crewmember keeled over from a suspected heart attack at a London studio.

“There was a huge amount of panic,” recalls an eyewitness. “Harrison yelled for a medic.”

This isn’t the first time Ford has played a hero in real life. In 2017, he rescued a woman from an overturned car in California. In 2001, he found a lost scout in the wilds of Wyoming, and the previous year he saved two female hikers who were suffering from altitude sickness atop Table Mountain in Wyoming.

The Indiana Jones production — which is still untitled — has been plagued by tragedy since it started filming.

In November, 54-year-old crewmember Nic Cupac died in his hotel room in Morocco from an apparent heart attack.

Ford himself suffered a bad shoulder injury while filming a fight scene, and it shut down production for four months.

“It’s been a mess,” says one Hollywood insider. “It seems as if the production is cursed.”