HALLE BERRY has hit hot-tempered hubby Olivier Martinez with an ultimatum: “Get counseling if you want to save our 

The Oscar-winning beauty put her foot down after Olivier, 49, sparked a melee at Los Angeles International Airport on Jan. 4, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

The French-born actor also beat up Halle’s ex, model Gabriel Aubry, in a brawl outside her home in Nov. 2012. Gabriel, father of Halle’s 6-year-old daughter Nahla, suffered a broken rib and cuts to his face in the attack.

“Now Halle is telling friends she worries that Olivier’s runaway temper could put her kids at risk,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

Olivier is a suspect in an investigation after he was caught on video knocking over an LAX employee with the baby car seat of the couple’s one-year-old son, 
Maceo. “Halle sort of understood two men getting riled up over a woman, but the situation at the airport frightened her,” the pal said.

The incident embarrassed the “Monster’s Ball” star, 48, insiders said.

“I think she’ll leave if Olivier doesn’t clean up his act,” revealed the friend, who believes Olivier’s anger isn’t likely to subside.

“Gabriel fought Olivier’s plan to return to his native France because he didn’t want Nahla moving to another country,” a friend added. “He really hates that Gabriel is keeping them in L.A. He’s at the boiling point, and it’s threatening their relationship!”