KARDASHIANS UNDER FIRE for making guns look glamorous!STRAIGHT-SHOOTING Kim Kardashian and little sister Kylie are coming under in­tense fire for glamorizing guns.

Just weeks after one of America’s most horrific slaughters at the “The Dark Knight Rises” pre­miere in Aurora, Colo., Kim took to her blog to share cutesy snapshots of them posing with a shotgun.

Now fans and critics have opened fire, charging the girls are sending the wrong mes­sage by cradling the deadly weapon like a fashion acces­sory.

The controversial photos were taken when Kim, 31, and Kylie, 15, joined brother Rob, 25, and stepdad Bruce Jenner on a skeet-shooting adventure this past April in the Dominican Republic. The timing of the pictures – which were posted Aug. 16 – couldn’t be worse.

“Kim and Kylie look like they are posing for ‘Guns & Ammo’ magazine,” said an insider. “They are hugely in­fluential, and a lot of young girls hang onto their every picture and word. Posting the gun pics makes them look like firearms’ poster girls. They seem oblivious that Aurora just happened.”

Twelve people lost their lives and 58 were injured in that ghastly at­tack on July 20.

After the Kardashian gun-toting photos appeared, an army of Internet posters ex­pressed shock. “I think it’s disgusting,” said one poster on “It’s insensi­tive and uncaring after so many died in the theater shooting.”

Margot Bennett, executive director for Women Against Gun Violence, told The ENQUIRER: “The Kardashians, due to their popularity, have a special responsibility to speak out about the dangers of guns and the importance of gun safety,”

Kim’s fascination with guns is not secret. On June 6, she posted a photo of a designer pistol with the words: “Bang Bang.” Kim has taken gun lessons, even learning to use an assault rifle.

But it seems she and her sister have taken the criticism to heart.

On Aug. 24, the day a gunman went on a spree outside the Empire State Building in New York, Kim tweeted: “Sending my prayers to everyone involved with the Empire State Building shooting! This violence has got to stop!!! Also 19 people shot in Chicago last night! 13 people in 30 mins! Time to really rethink gun laws! This is just insane!!!”