Goldie Hawn to Kurt: “Marry Me or Leave”

Son’s wedding prompted star’s ultimatum, sources say.

Photo Split of Speaking Goldie Hawn Looking Right at Surprised Kurt Russell Looking Left
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Headstrong Goldie Hawn is tired of waiting to get married, so she’s issued an ultimatum to longtime love Kurt Russell — put a ring on it or get packing!

“Goldie’s ready for marriage,” spilled a National ENQUIRER source. “And if Kurt’s not on board, she’ll find somebody else who is!”

The declaration came in the wake of some life-altering events for the former Laugh-In lovely, 73.

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“She was really moved when their son, Wyatt, got married on Labor Day,” the insider dished.

“She realized then that she would want his future kids to know that their grandma and grandpa were married, too!”

Goldie was also shaken by a frightening cancer scare in 2017, insiders said, when our spies spotted her leaving a L.A. medical building with a bandage covering her breast — what a doctor told The ENQUIRER at the time was a “certain” sign of a breast biopsy!

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“Goldie’s had her share of health scares — and, considering the years she’s spent with Kurt, she believes the time is right to tie the knot,” the source insisted.

It’s been 36 years since the couple fell in love on the set of Swing Shift and made things official way back on Valentine’s Day 1983.

Though Goldie was initially wary of marriage after her bitter divorce from musician and actor Bill Hudson in 1982, our insider said her “feelings about marriage have changed a little over time.”

However, while Goldie is gung-ho about going all the way to the altar with Kurt, her 68-year-old sweetheart has gotten comfortable with their unofficial bond.

“He loves things the way they are and sees no reason to change it,” an insider dished. “But Goldie’s made it clear he needs to switch up his thinking — or be ready to see what it’s like to be single at 70!”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell did not respond to our requests for comment.