Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan has been devastated by a heartbreaking double tragedy – she’s suffered a paralyzing stroke and her marriage to her sixth husband is collapsing in divorce, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

In a shocking chain of events, the beloved 75-year-old TV star – who beat breast cancer in the ’90s – suddenly found herself clinging to life in a New York City rehab center after triple bypass heart surgery Nov. 4.

The actress had seemed on the road to recovery when she had a stroke which left her battling for her life, revealed her estranged husband Morrow Wilson in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview.

Although Rue’s fighting hard to get her health back, Wilson revealed he won’t be by her side – even though he loves her dearly – because earlier this winter, she gave him the boot.

The anguished spouse – who’s moving out of the Manhattan apartment he shared with the star for the past 12 years – told The ENQUIRER: "Shortly after she had her triple bypass, Rue suffered a stroke.

"She was walking with a nurse down the hall of the hospital (where she’d had the operation) when she suddenly collapsed.

"Rue had been in rehabilitation and had been doing very, very well.

"She was recovering in leaps and bounds. Then she dropped to the floor.

"Doctors told me that her stroke affected the area of the brain where the motor and verbal centers meet.

"Rue was paralyzed on the right side of her body and could not speak. After the stroke, doctors performed this procedure where they put this ‘snake’ up the carotid artery, into the blood vessels of the brain.

"The point of this was to squirt some dissolver into the blood clot."

In the six hours neurosurgeons worked on saving Rue’s life, Wilson said they spent three of them attempting to dissolve the clot.

"But they failed," he noted sadly.

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